You will keep the Probation Officer notified of your current address and phone number at all times.  You must notify the Probation Department within seven (7) days of any address change.

You shall be a law-abiding citizen.

While operating a vehicle under any Court driving letter, you shall not have a measurable amount of alcohol or illegal drugs in your system and shall obtain a new driving letter whenever your address changes.

You will report to the Probation Officer promptly at the time and date arranged.

You will not purchase, possess, sell, distribute, or use any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia except by the prescription of a licensed physician.

You shall authorize the results of any required drug testing be forwarded to the Probation Officer.  A positive result will be considered a violation of probation.  You will assume the costs of any testing.

You will pay a $45.00 probation services fee as a result of being placed on Community Control in the Oregon Municipal Court.

You shall abide by all rules or additional requirements established between you and your Probation Officer as spelled out in any signed Community Control Agreement Form.

You have been sentenced to CCNO.  Your sentence, or a portion thereof, has been suspended for now to give you the opportunity to prove you can change your behavior and lead a law-abiding life.  That opportunity is called Community Control.  Community Control is not a right; it is a privilege the Court is free to give or deny.  Probation law imposes rules upon you which you must obey.  Your failure to do so will result in your return to Court as a Community Control violator.

It is the duty of the Probation Officer to require you to live by the Conditions of Community Control.  The Probation Officer has the authority and responsibility to enforce the Conditions of Community Control and to notify the Court of any violations of these conditions.  You are subject to arrest by your Probation Officer for good cause without a warrant or by any law enforcement officer on the written order of the Chief Probation Officer.

You are hereby advised the Court may at any time, revoke the privilege of probation for good cause, modify the conditions of your probation, or extend the period of probation.  If your probation is revoked, the original sentence imposed by the Judge may be re-imposed and you will be committed to CCNO.

Kiosk Reporting: The Kiosk Reporting Project is available to low-risk offenders who meet certain criteria. These select offenders use a kiosk station to report to their Probation Officer. Kiosk-reporting offenders must still follow all probation conditions such as making restitution and avoiding new criminal charges. The OMC Kiosk is located in East Toledo Family Center 1020, Varland Ave, Toledo Ohio 43605.porting hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. More information about Kiosk Reporting including locations and hours of operation are available here.


Karen R. Trail, Chief Probation Officer  419-698-7083
Judy Hohenberger, Probation Officer   419-698-7070
Probation Secretaries   419-698-7075