Court Participants

This page will explain the roles of citizens participating in the court system for you.

Complainant/Plaintiff: A person who has signed the complaint in a legal proceeding or action and serves as a witness for the state. This person has the opportunity to speak with the Municipal Prosecutor about the case at hand.

Defendant: The defendant is the party who has been formally accused of a violation in a legal proceeding or action. The defendant has a right to an attorney and will be informed of possible penalties and charges. Finally, the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Defense Attorney: An attorney hired to represent the defendant in a legal proceeding or action.

Prosecutor: An attorney appointed by the municipality that represents the State.

Public Defender: In the event a defendant cannot afford an attorney, a Public Defender can be appointed by the municipality to represent them.

Victim: The person in the case who is made to suffer from an act or who has been harmed.

Witness: A citizen who offers evidence in court and testifies as to what was seen, heard or otherwise known in a case.