Jury FAQ

What kind of case is it?

There are two types of cases heard by a jury in the Oregon Municipal Court:


A civil case will involve two or more parties who have a dispute concerning money or property. The party suing is called the "plaintiff" and the party being sued is called the "defendant." A municipal court is limited to $15,000 for a lawsuit. A verdict in a civil case requires that three-fourths of the jury agree. A total of eight (8) jurors are seated and one (1) alternate juror. Therefore, in a civil matter, six (6) of the jurors must reach a verdict.


A criminal case will involve a person charged with a crime who is called the defendant. The plaintiff in a criminal case is known as the State of Ohio. Cases heard are misdemeanors. In a criminal case, all eight (8) jurors must agree upon the same verdict.

Why did I get summoned?

To be eligible to serve as a juror, you must be a resident of the court's jurisdiction. If you received a jury summons and do not feel you live within the jurisdiction, please contact the court at 419-698-7174.

Jurors are randomly picked by a computer list of registered voters, persons 18 years of age or older and residents of Lucas County.

How may I complete my juror information form?

By following this link.

You may also complete the questionnaire and return it to the Court in the self addressed stamped envelope that was included in your materials.

How do I know if I have to report?

Call (419) 698-7005 after 4:30 p.m. on the date prior to the jury trial date. A pre-recorded message will tell you if you must report the next day. You may also check the status online.

May I postpone or defer my attendance?

You can complete the Request for Excuse form. Please provide a telephone number in case the Jury Commissioner needs additional information.

I have moved from Oregon’s jurisdiction. What should I do?

You can complete the Request for Excuse form, select the appropriate box and kindly provide your new address.

How long will I have to serve?

You are only asked to serve for one jury trial. Jury trials usually last only one day, but it is possible that the trial may go beyond the first day. Should that occur, we will have you come back the following day.

Do I get paid?

The current jury fee is $10.00 for ½ day of service and $20.00 for one full-day of service. You will be paid and service verification will be given for the day(s) you report to the Courthouse. A check is issued within a week after your service.

What do I wear or bring?

You may be sitting for long periods of time, so please wear comfortable, but appropriate clothing. Bring a sweater or jacket since courtroom temperatures may be unpredictable. Please do not bring anyone with you. You might spend some time waiting. You may bring reading material with you to help the time pass.

Also, to ensure proper security, everyone entering the Courthouse must pass through a metal detector. Bags, cases, and parcels will be searched.

Access to or use of your cell phone in the Courthouse is restricted. Please consider not bringing your cell phone with you to jury duty.

Will I receive documentation of my service?

You will be given documentation prior to leaving the building so you have proof of attendance and service.

What to expect?

Upon arrival, you will be escorted to the waiting room. Once the parties are present, you will be escorted into the Courtroom. The Judge will explain the jury process and give you an overview of the case and the process of introducing you to the attorneys and selecting a jury will begin. It will take approximately one - two hours to question and select eight jurors and an alternate. If you were not selected as a juror, your service is complete and you may leave.

If you are selected as a juror or alternate, you will be given access to a phone to contact your family and/or employer. There will be a one hour recess for lunch, usually from noon to 1 p.m. You are free to leave the building and do whatever you wish during that timeframe. Breaks will be taken as needed.